Preventive Discipline: by Lucio Padilla

Interventions for destructive behavior

Lucio Padilla is an experienced speaker who facilitates parent workshops for school districts in California.

Dealing with Disruptive Behavior  

The effectiveness of instructional programs is measured by student academic achievement.  The factor “Learning” is not constant because of its dependence on student engagement.  When students are focused and interested on a subject they learn and master the skills offered by teachers.  But when students display disruptive behaviors they interfere with instruction and the learning process.  Disruptive students limit themselves and others to the full advantage of academic instruction.  Read more...




Learn to deal with destructive behaviors

The workshops promote school and parent involvement in a team effort to deal with many of the destructive behaviors found in many of our children labeled as being “At Risk”.  The emphasis is to change adults from controlling to influential role models.  Without a proper family and school influential structure, many adolescents struggle to acquire effective social and academic skills.

The workshops are designed to assist parents and teachers to form a coalition and develop structures to change negative behaviors.   They are emotional lectures that helps adults analyze themselves as being part of the problem and the solutions to destructive behaviors such as: apathy for school, drugs, gangs and teen pregnancy.  It contains a variety of interactive activities for participants to review effective strategies such as:

Establishing positive relationships 

Understanding dynamics of behavior

Dealing with destructive behavior

Developing a nurturing academic environment.





Where did you go to school to be a parent?

Has anyone asked you this question?   Where did you get your degree to be a parent?  What is your answer to this question?  Most people attending my conferences look at each other puzzled by this question and answers differ. The most common answers are, "I did not go to school, I learned from my parents".  "I used the trial by error method".  "I learned in the school of life".  "I didn't know there was such a school".  Can you imagine?  The most important task of a human being, raising our children, and yet we do not prepare ourselves for it.  We get degrees as lawyers, doctors, accountants, managers but rarely  to become parents.  Read More.... 


 Lucio Padilla is scheduled to present at the Long Beach, Ca. in the State CABE Convention in February 25-28, 2009.

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Lucio Padilla has recently published his auto-biography 

Memoirs of a Lechuguero 

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Lucio Padilla is an experienced speaker who provides parent trainings for many school districts in California.  His workshops are very popular at the Annual State CABE Convention.

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